London, United Kingdom

22nd and 23rd June

Why London?

The latest COP26 resulted in an increasing number of countries setting their net-zero goals and companies strengthening the climate commitment. Importantly, it also encouraged the UK financial institutions to mobilise funds in order to address challenges associated with energy transition globally and in emerging countries, in particular. London has been therefore framed as the world’s global net-zero financial hub.


Why now?

Today, energy security is more important than ever. With the recent IPCC report and an increasing pressure for global energy systems, the international community has to unite forces to identify and finance the best solutions in dealing with the challenges. Hydrogen holds a special place on the clean energy agenda. It’s time to employ its game-changing potential by accelerating investments and clean-tech projects.

Who is supporting the HGS London 2022?


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Who is the Hydrogen Global Summit for?

For Hydrogen & Energy Technology companies:

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of cleantech innovation

  • Access exclusive opportunities to evaluate the latest Hydrogen technologies

  • Grow and strengthen prospective partners and clients in the energy transition

  • Information on the latest innovations

  • Fundraising opportunities

  • Success communication

  • Networking

For Cleantech

  • Discover the latest on hydrogen technologies 

  • Get involved in upcoming hydrogen opportunities

  • Present your solutions to some of the world’s biggest environmental challenges

  • Connect with green capital

For AI, ML and Big Data

  • Empower other industries to reach net-zero by harnessing the power of data

  • Play a key role in resolving the climate crisis

  • Network with key net-zero and hydrogen players

  • Promote your solutions to the climate crisis

  • For Venture Capital & Investment Banking

  • Green investment opportunities

  • The latest in hydrogen technology

  • Influence the growth of the hydrogen industry

  • Meet your hydrogen unicorn

For Energy Companies

  • Partnership & acquisitions opportunities for hydrogen solutions

  • Exchange of green technology know-how

  • Present your net-zero and hydrogen initiatives to the market

  • Get involved in upcoming projects

For Energy & Legal Consulting Firms

  • Discover the latest innovations in hydrogen 

  • Remain up-to-date with current legislations and green energy industry trends

  • Present your solutions and green energy successes

  • Network with key industry stakeholders and decision-makers

  • Meet new cleantech players and potential customers 


What is the Net-Zero Circle?

Net-Zero Circle is a global digital platform that unites stakeholders to help them find the support they need to reach their net-zero goals, actionable projects, the right technology and funds.


As global energy demand continues to surge, the net-zero circle seeks to support a secure energy transition dedicated to mitigating adverse environmental impacts. We believe that through ingenuity and collaboration, an inclusive, secure and affordable transition can be achieved.


Our mission is to help stakeholders reach consensus and secure the missing elements at every stage of the energy transition. From policy insight, to technologies, funding and trade, the net-zero circle is here to support its global community with energy security and environmental protection at the helm of our activities.

What is the mission of the Net-Zero Circle?

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