about strikes

in London

The Hydrogen Global Summit is taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of June in London.

TFL & National Rail are striking due to a "financial crisis at the heart of London's transport system." The walkout is planned from 21st- 26th June across various forms of transport.

We have prepared a guide for you to be able to avoid any issues with transport and timing.

For those who are arriving in London
on the 21st  of June

The tube will not be in service all day, therefore you will have to find an alternative form of transport to your place of stay within the city. 

For those who will be using the Heathrow Express, trains will be departing every 30 mins to London Paddington. From there, the Overground Service will be running a limited service. It is our advise that an Uber would be the best mode of transport to your place of stay if that is situated in the West or South of London. For further afield, the Overground (or DLR) remains the best option, but it is advised to finish your journey by 18:00. 

For those who will be using the Gatwick Express, six trains will be running per hour between Gatwick and London Bridge. From London Bridge, the same advise as above is applicable - Uber will be the best option. 

On the 22rd of June,
avoid the tube in your commute to the event

Before 8:00 am no tubes will be running & this disruption will continue through the morning. 


The Overground will be running a reduced service, but it is our view that a taxi would be a better mode of transport. Simply enter the address of your place of stay into the link below: 

For those heading to the event from outside of London

National Rail will be offering regular updates across the weekend as they look to manage the issue, given that it is the week of Glastonbury Festival. 

No trains will be running before 07:15 am therefore alternative transport will have to be found (depending on region, it may be advisable to head to London the day before - take a look at National Rail's advice).

Great Western Rail will be offering a reduced, but manageable, line from Bristol, Cardiff & Exeter on the 21st, 23rd & 25th, but the Reading Connection will be cut on the 22nd & 24th. For more information, please take a look. On these days, we advise changing at Reading, for the brand new Elizabeth Line, but please follow TFL's updates. 

We will be in touch if this situation changes over the next few days.


We look forward to welcoming you in London and we will keep you updated with changes to this strike as they happen.

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